What if I told you that you don’t have to purchase, warehouse, or distribute any inventory? That you can set your own hours and be your own boss? What if your sales could bring in money on a monthly basis and continue to increase according to how good you are at your job? You will never have to walk into someone’s office and ask for a raise, just give yourself a raise by working harder. You don’t even have to have a college degree to do this job.

SafeTracker basically sells itself. SafeTracker is something that is needed in every single home, school or any place where children have access to the internet with an Android device.

There’s a HUGE market out there for SafeTracker. It’s a family friendly business and it benefits the community as a whole. Your job will be helping parents guard and protect the most important thing within a family, young innocent children. What could be more important?

Working with SafeTracker, you can start off part-time and earn extra income to supplement your existing income, or jump in full blast. When you see the opportunity that this business plan offers, believe me, you’ll be going full-time before you know it.

The income level you achieve is up to you. No one will ever hold you back, in fact, with our plan you’ll get help from other SafeTracker representatives. Everyone in our company has a fair and equal chance according to their skills and work ethic. It’s easily possible for someone several levels below you to out earn you because you never share your sales commissions with those above you. So if you work hard, you can make more money than someone who started ahead of you. It all depends on you, and how good you are at sales.

The sky is the limit on how much you can make as a SafeTracker Representative. Wait until you see the possibilities!

What do you have to do?

Your job is to help parents, churches, friends, schools, protect children from online sexual predators, school bullies, online scam artists and thieves. That’s your job.

Money Worries?

SafeTracker is a perfect way to raise funds for churches, schools, and community organizations. Even regular businesses can benefit from working with you. School teachers are having to buy supplies for students out of their own pockets. They could use our help too. This country is undergoing a dire economic downturn and things will get worse before they get better. Are you prepared? What will you do if you are laid off from your job? Working with SafeTracker can bring in some much needed extra income or become a full-time job. You decide, we have a plan that will help you financially whether you are looking to make an extra $500 a month or an extra $5,000, and up. Again, it’s all up to you.

Working as a representative of SafeTracker means that you are supplying people with a product that they KNOW they need. You really don’t have to talk a parent into protecting their own children! Many of them are already looking for such a product but don’t know where to find it. You can provide the safety and security they are looking for when it comes to protecting their children. As they grow up on the internet, many dangers await them.

SafeTracker provides a way for parents to be there for them if they ever run into the bad guys. SafeTracker is the worst nightmare for a sex predator or cyberbully, two of the worst dangers your child could come into contact with on the internet.
Working with SafeTracker can be a very rewarding experience on many levels. Let’s go over a few of them: You can work from home and spend more time with your family. You can earn a residual monthly income that can grow quite substantially. You don’t have to sell “Woo Woo Oil” or anything that you have to push on those who don’t really want it. You will be sleeping really well at night knowing that you are helping families protect the most important thing in their lives, their children.

You will be helping parents level the playing field in the fight against internet sexual predators and other online dangers. The internet is a great educational tool and a wonderful thing, but not without risks.

The problem is, online, you can meet anyone, anytime, at any place. Would you take your young child and drop them off in a scary neighborhood in the city and just HOPE they don’t meet anyone there who will harm them? I don’t think so. But parents do this every day when they allow their children to spend hours unattended on the internet – because we KNOW the bad guys are there.

Don’t gamble and just HOPE they’ll never run into them online. SafeTracker allows you to be there for your children anytime, 24/7.

Future plans include franchises in many countries around the world. SafeTracker International will take us to the next level and if you get into the organization now, you could benefit greatly as the company grows!
Join us today and help us build a network of internet “Guardian Angels” for the children of the world.

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